Thursday, August 20, 2015

Camp Dwight 2015

 Camp Dwight.  It is the highlight of the year!  This year we enjoyed having our good friend, Amanda, join us for the trip.

 And this is how we travel. The whole ride is a big song and dance number from a musical.

Shiloh wanted to take a selfie, and I was still listening to a conversation. Yes, my results are awkward. Her results are just fine. 

Rest stop! And that was an adventure too. 

 Amanda's canoeing adventures! I do agree that it would have been way more interesting if it capsized.  ;)

 The mountain "Man Looks at Moon". Really, I'm sure the Indians named it something like that. Something really creative like that...

People everywhere! Extrovert's heaven!

 Sermon on the Mount. This was an excellent talk about how our hearts must be turned to the Lord, because He is our Master.

I was able to capture this beautiful sunset!

 Listening to the meetings.

This man was incredible! His story was about a Russian man named Vanya who endured persecution for his faith in Jesus Christ. Very inspiring and also sobering.

Selfies are for the people that actually look good in them. I'm sure you can figure out who fits that description. And who doesn't.

 Always, always get your energy level up before performing. This is one of the ways we do it. (Minus the sunburns. That's only how we do it at camp.)

Amanda is training for the Ripsticking Championships! 

 How many people can you fit in one kayak?  ;)

 I knew that if I were to try getting on there, it would be sure to sink. Nevertheless, it did sink. And they still blamed me for sinking it. (I didn't do it.)

 Tubing down the creek!

 Judah out on the water.
S.U.P (sorta).  
A few of us also got to spend some time life-guarding during the swim times.
 Eden and Elanee enjoying the sunshine.

Eden and Kathrina must have a telepathic secret.

 The Grande Finale... a dance! 

 The lovely Mrs. L.!

 Watching all the dancing and keeping cool by the big fan.
 The kids hanging out!

Daddy in deep conversation! 
 Jordan's closing thoughts on Camp Dwight. 
 Shiloh and Eden's closing thoughts on Camp Dwight. 

 We visited the Deschutes River on the way back home.  We are missing some people in the picture. And Jordan thought that getting his selfie-stick would help the situation. It only made things worse as he didn't make it in the picture. Poor Jordan.

Everyone left me to watch our stuff.  So I practiced my Ninja Training.  Nothing was stolen.


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