Friday, May 29, 2015

Christian Heritage 2015

Every April our family enjoys attending the Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference.  It's an exciting time to fellowship with others and hear inspiring sessions.  Usually we are involved musically, and this year wasn't an exception.

 Driving up we saw a gorgeous rainbow that stretched all the way across the road! 

 The little kids enjoyed meeting President George Washington!  I contemplated asking him why he wasn't in the White House, but decided that the subject might not be a pleasant one to broach.  ;)

Oh, and Paul Revere also showed up.

 Jordan did a fantastic job playing performing one of his piano solos.

 Singing in the Chorale is always a highlight!

This year they had a string orchestra accompany one of the Chorale songs.  I had a great time as the Concertmaster with my faithful stand partner, Amy H.

Katelyn O. was another one of our first violinists and she was such a sweet girl!  It's always fun to make a new friend.  :)

Once again we hosted our Annual End of the Conference Party which was our biggest yet!

 This year we added dancing.  I had a blast calling the dances!

 Taylor S. was our trusty DJ who kept the music going through the speakers of his truck!

 And this deserted parking garage was just perfect! 

 A few of us took a ride back in the pickup.

 Good friends!

 Boys will be boys!

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