Thursday, April 16, 2015

Holocaust Remembrance Day

More Christians need to remember the Holocaust. If it is not remembered, it will be repeated.
But it's too late. It is being repeated.

This time in our cities as so many little lives of innocent babies are being snuffed out through abortion. 

I have studied the Holocaust in depth through many autobiographies of those who suffered. The horrors I have only read, were a reality to millions of Jews. Victims of the Holocaust who survived still live with the nightmares of their past. They still suffer. They still struggle for survival. In their stories, they give a glimpse of what they endured, but there is always more. Always more that is unspeakable. Through these stories I have learned so much and personally met these victims through their writing. I know them. They were forced to be a number, but I know their name. They silently endured, but I heard their pain. They survived, but I know that part of them died with those who died. I'm not a Jew, but I will remember with them. Their stories are told to warn the world of an evil that must not be repeated. 

Yet, every day, the evil of murder is repeated. Again and again.
Chil Rajchman's memoir, "The Last Jew of Treblinka", was a story I couldn't finish. Reading about the horrific deaths of Jews who were unloaded from cattle cars and herded straight into gas chambers tortured me. I couldn't finish the book. The constant death. The constant pain. The constant anguish. It was too heavy to bear.

But for the abortion mills in our country, people fail to even look into what is going on. The constant death. The constant pain. The constant anguish. But people have failed to look into what *went* on during the Holocaust. And now it is repeated.

Never Forget. Never stop the fight for life.

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Rebekah Eddy said...

Wow. What a reminder. And we do need it. We NEED to remember. Thank you so much for this post, Bethany.