Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Trip of a Lifetime Part 1: Bible Bee

Yes, yes, I know I haven't posted about our big Florida trip from last November, but life has had me swamped.  Swamped in a good way.  :)
I briefly mentioned the trip when I posted the Florida Happy Dance movie, but now I will be shifting to the pictures.  And there are lots of them!

 Setting off on our adventure across the United States for one incredible trip!

 Since we came in late, it wasn't until the morning that I got to see the hotel.  I was dropped-jawed when I realized that our prize package had us in--not just any hotel--a resort!  Wow.  The Lord blessed us beyond measure!

 My parents and Shiloh headed off to stock up on food for the vacation (we really don't go on vacation; we vacation wherever we go!), while I took everyone on an exploring adventure of the hotel "compound".  Really, it was huge.

 It's like they've never seen a hammock in their life...

When I say "adventure", I mean it.  We walked all over the place, found every swimming pool in that area, journeyed into workout rooms, and even ended up with a little blood.  (Don't ask.)

Having fun in the sun!

That night we went swimming in the pool(s).  For the most part, a trip isn't a trip unless we go swimming!

The pool was awesome!

The next day our journey took us to the last day of the National Bible Bee!  It was so nice to be able to meet so many wonderful friends in person for the first time.

 Hannah D. and I saw Eden and Rachel C. posing for a picture, so we ran in a photobombed their picture.
(Or something like that.)

 We enjoyed meeting the P. family!

The H. family is a very fun family.  :)

I especially enjoyed meeting Brittany P.  We really hit it off and had lots of fun dancing after the ceremony!  :)

 Shiloh with her friend, Tiffany S.

I've known Christianna H. for quite a few years online, so imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to find that she was there as well!

 Anna Lysa C. and Elizabeth L. were a blast to visit with!  Lots of fun and laughter there. 

 Hannah C. was another one I didn't realize I would get to meet.  What a treat!

Eden and her friend, Elena F.
We were all so thrilled for Jordan's good friend, Daniel F. as he took first place at the Bible Bee!
 A family selfie at dinner.

Pretty much every night lasted into the wee hours of the morning.  Here my mom and I secured our fast passes for Disneyworld (while Jordan took a selfie).

And with that... I close Part 1.  You will have to check back soon to see Part 2 at Disneyworld!  (Hopefully soon will be sooner than a month!)

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Peter Weiderman said...

I will have to second that. That is an awesome pool, indeed. All widescale fun and foreboding, along with a closer grasp of the water. Good stuff all around. It's really nice to know that you got to enjoy that kind of luxury with your friends. You are really blessed! Thanks for sharing that! I hope you get to enjoy more days like that! All the best!

Peter Weiderman @ Guardian Pools