Friday, November 14, 2014

Slavic Symphony Performance

Recently the Lord has opened the door for me to have a position with the Slavic Symphony Orchestra.  I am thrilled about this opportunity!  The best part is that the orchestra is founded by Christians and the concerts are Christ-centered.  My friend, Kathrina, had told me that they were in desperate need of string players.  I called up the director and ended up auditioning over the phone!  It was pretty crazy.  The director put me as the stand partner of my friend.  And that was just too much fun!  Rehearsals were great as we worked together and tossed quite a few jokes back and forth through whispers and eye contact.  Yes, I admit that there was more than one occasion where we were stifling laughter.  ;)

 Listening to the Scripture being read.

Leaving the stage after a wonderful performance.

 This is our fantastic director.
(Photo credits go to the Slavic Symphony.)

I love how everyone's bows are midair.  Can you see me right in the middle?
(Photo credits go to the Slavic Symphony.)

This was a beautiful location.
(Photo credits go to the Slavic Symphony.)

 My lovely friend, Kathrina.  Best stand partner ever!  :)

 And these are my amazing parents that make everything happen!

And if you would like to check out any of the videos, click this link here:

To God be the glory!


Elanee said...

Looks like it was a great concert Bethany! I can't wait to listen to the music!

Kyle Bowes said...

That's awesome! Did they let you stand on a box? :0P JK

Bethany said...

Kyle: Did they let me stand on a box? Um... we were all sitting down and playing. ;)

Kyle Bowes said...

Oh, my bad . . . So they let you sit on a box?

Bethany said...

Yes, your bad... Sitting on a box would be so unsightly, not to mention smaller than the chair itself...