Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wild Weekend

The last weekend of August was insane, but wonderful.  We had a packed schedule: the first day was my parent's 33rd wedding anniversary, next was helping out at a wedding of a dear friend, day after that was One Accord's performance at a conference, and we ended it by attending a folk dance put on by some special friends.  Somehow we managed to pack all four big events into one single weekend.  

But that's just kind of the way my family is.  ;)

 Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Joel and Mikaela F! 

We four oldest ones were able to help out serving food.  It was quite a large wedding, which meant we were quite busy!

While they were enjoying their food...

...We were slaving away in the kitchen.

So maybe we don't look like we're working that hard, but in reality, we ran the food and dessert aspect of the wedding!

So we needed a chance to relax and have some fun.  ;)
Yes, I really do a have (what looks like) a sword and shield.

"Pick a piece!  You can only have one!"
As you can see behind me, we filled the kitchen with pieces of cake!

And some of our kitchen crew photobombed the newlyweds!

Thanks to Micah C. (the bride's brother), we were able to get this shot.  While waiting in line to fill up our platters with more cake to serve, I noticed that we were in the perfect place to photobomb (and seeing so many people with cameras made it all the more tempting).  After the picture was taken, someone let out a snicker and Mikaela turned around suspiciously, asking us what was going on!  We assured her that we were just waiting to fill up our platters.  ;)

Shiloh and I taking a break to pose for the camera.

The guys really working hard.  (Not.)

If you don't get the pun, I can't help you.

Shiloh and I with the lovely couple!

(Thanks to Evan S. for getting pictures 4-11!)

Judah showing how the clean up goes.

So after our long day, we headed home to be ready for the next day.

 And so we settle in to get everything together for our evening musical performances.  We were so blessed to have Amanda join the family for the day.  :)

Hanging out in the green room.

 AmandaBanda.  BandAmanda.  Either one works.  ;)

Mic check!

And we're on!

The Lord blessed our music and we had such a wonderful time sharing His love through our songs.

One Accord with Daddy joining us on the Cajon.

 Cute Boy taking it all in with Mommy.

Listening to an excellent session on Israel.

 Eden closed the conference with her solo of "The Holy City".

The hand-painted backdrop was pretty amazing and made for some really neat looking pictures.

Eden has quite an amazing voice!

Jordan always provides a solid and reliable accompaniment which is essential for any soloist! 

 Judah by the Tribe of Judah banner.

And Ben with the Tribe of Benjamin banner.

 The whole family at the close of a busy, yet blessed day.

And after bed at 3:00am, we (slightly) rested for a family folk dance Labor Day.
(The excitement never ends!)

I was asked to call a few dances and had a blast doing that!

 "Here is a partner up for grabs!"
Actually I didn't know Ethan S. was standing there... but the timing sure was funny!

 Thanks to Evan S. for getting these pictures.

Well, that was one whirlwind of an update!  ;)


Elanee said...

Great post Bethany:) it certainly was a wonderful weekend:) I enjoyed every minute I was able to spend with you:) Praise God for His mercy and protection:) you did SUCH a great job serving at the wedding, and calling the dances:) you're such a special person:)

Bethany said...

Thank you, Elanee! :) Yes, it was such a fun weekend and I'm so glad we were able to spend the majority of it with you all. :)