Monday, September 29, 2014

Birthday. Baseball. Boom.

A few weeks ago we were blessed to join in the birthday festivities of our good friend, Kyle B.  They had a special family baseball game that the whole celebration centered around.  I admit that at first I was kind of hesitant at the idea of baseball... don't get me wrong, I love playing sports!  However, I realized that I hadn't played baseball in about ten years!  Did I still remember to hit a ball correctly?  I was happily surprised to find that the B. family did an amazing job hosting the game!  Everyone was given a fair chance, the teams were set up really well, and I had so much fun, I was sad that the game ended.  And the best part?  I was on the Black Team and we won.  (Yep, I'm not complaining!)

I tried to take pictures, but when I pulled out my camera, it ran out of batteries!  Thanks to the B. family, they kindly let me post their pictures here.  :)

 The Red Team!
 (And a few photobombers back there, telling everyone what's what!)

 The Black Team!
(And a Red straggler.)

Jordan and Elanee S. warm up with their team.


And the game is on!

 Daddy was a great first basemen!

And thanks to Kyle, I don't think our team missed catching one of those outfield pop flies!

 Thanks to all the baseball lessons my dad taught us when we were little, I actually look like I know what I'm doing.  
I was given the position of Shortstop for seemingly no reason at all...  (cough, cough)

Well, the Red Team had the cutest member on their team!  And actually, Judah did a fantastic job playing!

 "Just a second!  Pause the Game!"

 Singing "Happy Birthday" to the big boy!  (You can't miss him.)

This was one epic photobomb.  :D

Happy Birthday, Kyle!  Thanks for such a wonderful day!


Elanee said...

Great Post Bethany! It certainly was a wonderful time! I loved playing baseball with you all!

I still don't know how that picture with Jordan and Evan and I can to be. I don't remember even doing that at all!

Bethany said...

Ha ha! I don't know... but you sure were a good baseball player! You have a secret knack, I think. :)

Kyle Bowes said...

Haha, Shortstop, just now saw this post! Awesome! (If recycled) ;0)

Bethany said...

Recycled with permission. ;)