Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ted Pearce and One Accord

Our church hosted Ted Pearce (internationally known Messianic artist) for a worship concert.  Since one of the days he was playing was on Shiloh's birthday, we went to enjoy a fun evening of praise songs, worship, and dance.

We arrived and settled in, but just as he started to play, some technical issues started up.  The sound crew tried to troubleshoot the problem... but he still couldn't get his program to run correctly.
(Sorry for the bad image quality--it was hard to take pictures.)

Some of the dancing we did during the concert.

He was just at the point of calling it off when he decided to call up anyone who wanted to join him on the stage!  We had four women singers, four men singers, Jordan on the keyboard, a lady on the tambourine (I had never seen such amazing tambourine playing before!), and a guy on the conga drums.

 And this was the ensemble we put together! 

It was just an incredible evening of worship!  We just sang our hearts out even though we didn't know have the songs!  Just being in the presence of the Lord like that was amazing.

Some of the congregation dancing.

Mr. Pearce is such a talented musician and songwriter!

After the concert, we had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Pearce.  After talking for a bit, he asked if we could join him on a few songs the next morning.  Wow!  What an honor!!!  We were totally stoked!

We came early to set up and did our mic check... and ran out of time to rehearse the songs.  We only knew one of the songs were we playing and the other two we had heard for the first time last night.  It was going to be all improvisation!

It turned out to be an incredible morning!  The Lord blessed us beyond belief as we played with Mr. Pearce.  It was amazing to just have everything flow together like we had practiced for days... Praise Him!!!  It was an amazing time of worship as we glorified the Lord!  Mr. Pearce was so much fun to work with and had such a fun personality. 

Sadly, we were not able to get able to get everything on film... but we were able to get the majority of two of the songs. 


I feel so humbled and grateful that the Lord blessed us with this amazing opportunity!  All the glory goes to Him!

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