Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Camp Dwight 2014 Part 2.

And here we are for Part 2. of the Camp Dwight Experience!  (In case you need to be caught up to date, check back here.)

Saturday night there was a big concert featuring some very talented families.  Thanks to Evan S. for taking these fantastic pictures!
Doesn't this look so inviting?  :)

The Booher brothers are amazing musicians and they have such a great stage presence!

This family had an incredible vocal blend.

The H. sisters were a delight to hear!

The J. family sang some lively songs!

The B. sisters sang a hilarious rewritten song about homeschoolers.  :)

And then it seems like Evan caught Eden and I scheming something up before we went on stage...

Mhm... something is up.

At a time like this, no one is safe!

Mission finalized!

Love this shot!
We were so blessed to be able to perform... and it was extra special to have Daddy join us on the cajon.

One Accord.

A very pretty picture of Shiloh and the harp.

I look so dramatic.  ;)

Jordan taking up the only guy vocal part!

Eden did a lovely job on her solo! 

Mr. J. and his family do such an incredible job putting this family camp together and blessing so many people!

Dr. Jerry Benjamin was a wonderful speaker!
 It was a glorious night.  
(Thanks to Paul L. for this amazing shot.)

Sunday morning our group was so tired we slept in at our "camp".
 This picture is fondly called "The Calm Before the Storm".

And why?

Because we were getting ready for this EPIC pillow fight!  This was way too much fun.  :)

And I thought I was bad at spelling...

Sunday was a lovely day of more fun, fellowship, and families.  At the end, they hosted a dance, but since I danced, I didn't take any pictures.

Shiloh singing during the hymns.

Philip and Eden photobombing.  ;)

Our amazing Daddy!

Lindsey enjoying the conversations.

Kathrina B. has such a great smile.  :)

Love this picture of Shiloh!

Thanks again to Evan for letting me use his pictures!!!  Let do a round of virtual applause for him!
I could picture after picture because each one is so special and brings back wonderful memories.  :)  I am so thankful to the J. Family for all that they do to make this such an amazing experience!  And I am so thankful to the Lord for bring such special people in our lives to share the joy of friendship with.

I can't wait till next year!


Kyle Bowes said...

And it was shortly after the concert and that scheming that I got zip-tied in my tent . . . Ah ha, I see it now!

Elanee said...

Great post Bethany:) and what excellent captions:) I'm SO glad you all got to come. It makes me SO excited about next year:)

Evan Smythe said...

That post had some awesome photos in it. lol

That picture with you guys on stage is the best!

Evan Smythe said...

Great post again!!!!

Christianna Hellwig said...

What a wonderful time!
I thought our pillow fights were funny-that one looked good!

Bethany said...

Kyle: You were zip-tied in a tent... that thought is just hilarious. :D

Elanee: Yes!!! We had a wonderful time! :)

Evan: They are very awesome pictures. :) You are quite talented as a photographer. :)

Christianna: Oh, the pillow fight was a blast. :D