Saturday, August 2, 2014

Camp Dwight 2014 Part 1.

After many summers of mishaps, we finally made it to Camp Dwight!  It was such an amazing experience as we spent three days with other like-minded Christians, listened to many talented musical families, fellowshipped, heard inspiring sermons, and enjoyed bring along two friends for the trip! 

 On the road with a full car!  It makes the drive go faster with all the talking and laughter we experienced.

 Rest stop.  
Yep, the topography is looking quite different from what I'm used to.

 Group picture by the water! 

Having a little fun!

 Judah is learning from his siblings about what it means to photobomb.

 Lindsey caught a frog in the pond!

 Judah and his new friend.

 Havilah held Mr. Frogy too!

And we made it to our "camp site".
I probably should explain... we aren't a camping family, so we stayed off campus in a house!  We're urban campers. 

Yeah, if I were Kyle, I wouldn't touch it.  

We went exploring our first day at Camp Dwight and decided that checking out the knife throwing would be fun.
 Philip got three in!

 Lindsey throws.

 Yeah, don't mess with us girls...

 Knife caught in midair! 

I actually stuck my last one.  But it fell off so I have no proof.

I was able to convince the girls to go kayaking with me!  Although I told them that the seats were damp, we found out that sitting in them really turned out to be wet... and so we were wet for quite some time after that, but it was worth it! 

 For some reason I think Eden thinks this is all about style.   ;)

 I found out that those paddles are great for splashing others.
And you can even splash your fellow oarswoman.  ;)

 Lindsey ran us into the tree! 

 Shiloh and Havilah coming around!

 Bringing ourselves back to dry land!

On the way back, Emily L. threatened to capsize us!  Somehow I managed to put my persuasive speech training to the test... and it worked!

I found out the hard way that "dismounting" is more difficult than it looks.  However, I got more dirty than I did wet!  (I will leave it up to your imagination.)

Joining together in the meeting hall with about 900 other people!

Some happy and attentive listeners.  :)

More of the same!

The meetings were wonderful as we heard Dr. Jerry Benjamin talk about the Lord having the preeminence in our lives.  He covered some excellent points and brought many things into new light!

Shiloh, Jordan, and I were up early the next morning to do the 5K Fun Run!  (Because the rest of the family slept in, I had no one to take pictures... the credit for these pictures go to Mrs. B.  Thank you!)
 Valerie and I barely awake.  Just kidding!

Ready runners!

This was the best running group ever!

These lovely ladies are still smiling (it must be early in the race!).

Jordan coming down the home stretch!  He was really fast and finished within the top eight runners!

I was so excited to run it in 28 minutes (which was pretty good considering I only practiced three times, never actually running a full three miles!)... however, I found out how hard it is to run in a higher altitude.  Wow!

 Listening to another inspiring meeting!

This gorgeous mountain range had the Three Sisters, Broken Top, and Man Looks at Moon.  (Yeah, that last one is an inside joke.)

Elanee and Shiloh enjoying each others company.

Saturday was jam-packed with all sorts of fun actives!  We went down the amazing slip-n-slide, swam in the pond, rode the zipline, and then finished it all off with a concert!
 Shiloh playing carpet ball.

 This zipline was epic!

Judah getting ready for his ride!

Big brother took him down... The wind even blew his hat off.

Shiloh riding down with Benjamin.

Part 2. coming soon with all sorts of fun pictures!!!


Elanee said...

I'm SO glad you all got to come:) So many new photos in this post:) it's great to see another perspective of the weekend:) Your Kayaking excursion looked really fun:) I'm glad you didn't get flipped over:) I can't wait to see part 2:)

Ajax Cochrane said...

Shoot, looks like y'all had too much fun ;) The creek looked so pretty, I wanted to step right in the pic with a rod and fish.

Bethany said...

Elanee: Thanks! Yes, it was SO MUCH fun!!! :D I'll have to tell you about my dismount. ;)

@Ajax: I had an awesome time floating down the creek. :)

Rebekah Eddy said...

I'm so glad you and your family had a good time @ Camp Dwight! :) Couldn't you tell us all about your dismount? Now I'm curious... :P God Bless!!

Bethany said...

Ha ha ha!!! Well, when I see you in person... I'll tell you. :)