Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mission Accomplished

As a Professional Prankster, I have spent many years learning and sharpening my skills.  

I seriously can't help it... I mean, I've always been into practical jokes ever since I was really little.  Sometimes people wonder where I get my ideas and honestly, I don't know.  They just pop into my head!  Anyway, I have vivid memories of playing tricks on my sister when I was just a little girl... and as I grown over the years, I seize any moment I get pull a prank on some unsuspecting someone!

Or there's the moment for revenge.

And this time I combined a prank I did last year with a fresh one to get someone back.

So I made this poster...

 Yep.  There ya have it.

Well, since I'm short, you can't see me... I was pulling Kyle deep into conversation, asking him about books, novels, and how he pronounced "genre".  ;)
 Meanwhile... Jordan, Eden, and Evan S. tape this picture to his back and take the picture.

Yes, the work was very smooth.  Eden would walk through and say, "Did you try this dessert?  It's really good--where is it?  [meaning the poster and stuff]  Yep, this is delicious!"  And I would answer, "Yes, I did get a piece of that... and it's on the green table in the corner.  Thanks for letting me know, I'll try that other type of food!"
And then I put it up on the board.


Good work, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! You just gave me a fab idea for my sisters birthday!
Thanks! God Bless!

Bethany said...

Thanks! :D
Oh, I'm glad to have helped you out. ;)
The Lord bless you too!

Kyle Bowes said...

Ugh. Wow. I was wondering why in the world you were so interested in talking about what a novel was. I was like, she seriously doesn't know???

However, you are posting only one side of the story, Oh Short One! -_- Explain about the strange caption on your water bottle next, please!

Elanee said...

Oh my Bethany:) and just to think all this because of miss-written nametags :) I can't believe the level of planning and disgusing that went into pulling this off. It's simply amazing......I just hope I'm never the object of one of your pranks, cause I would certainly be caught off gaurd:)

Bethany said...

Kyle: Yeah, now you know! :D It was worth it. ;)
Why do you keep talking about this random water bottle? What? Will you please fill me in?

Elanee: Ha ha! :D It was very important. ;) Hm... well, you never know... one day you just might get me. ;)

Jordan Strang said...

@Kyle: Lets]'s be fair... The water bottle was practically my idea!!! Well.... not quite! :P

Kyle Bowes said...

Oh, you know _exactly_ what I am talking about. -_- A real professional prankster would tip their hat at the competition.

Just saying.

Bethany said...



Daniel F said...

I’m totally with Elanee on this one! I hope I’m never a target :O

Bethany said...

As I always say, "You know, you never know!"


Daniel F said...

I just can’t figure out what’s better when it comes to you Strangs: the actual prank, or all the internet banter in the comment box after the prank! :D :D

Bethany said...

Ha ha!

That remains to be determined. :D