Thursday, April 17, 2014

One Accord on the Road

So the plan was to have One Accord play at a benefit concert in lower WA one evening and then drive to upper WA that night, spend the nigh there, and then attend a friend's wedding the next day.

And everything was set in motion: we had practiced and prepared our set, finalized details, booked a hotel, etc.  But the afternoon before we were going to leave, I suddenly felt like I might be coming down with a cold.  Well, no big deal... the show must go on and I would have to sing and push through with a minor sore throat.  My parents ran some errands while the rest of us starting preparing everything for the concert and trip.  Next thing I knew, I felt very tired.  In fact, I was so exhausted I decided I should take a nap (and that is rare--I just don't take naps).  After sleeping for about an hour, I got up and decided I should start making dinner, although I didn't feel that great and my throat was terribly sore.  So I'm standing there getting the taco meat ready and all of a sudden... I am starting to pass out.  I had the common sense to turn the stove down and get out of the kitchen fast enough to keep myself from actually fainting, but it was pretty close!  At this point my siblings have the expressions of question marks on their faces and I'm heading back to bed.  For good.

Well, here I am sick in bed and we are suppose to be playing a concert the next evening and be at my special friend's wedding the next day.  My head was spinning as I tried to figure out a plan B.  At the moment, I didn't know what I was sick with, so if I couldn't stand up the next evening, someone would have to cover for me at the concert... and the wedding... the wedding?!  Oh, I would be sooo disappointed if my family couldn't make it to the wedding just because I was sick!

Things were looking pretty bleak.

My parents get home and discussed what we were to do next.  Thankfully we were able to get to Urgent Care in the nick of time before they closed and I was able to get on antibiotics.  (I was treated for Strep Throat, but apparently it wasn't exactly that.  Some other weird throat bacteria.)  

After much prayer, I woke up the next morning feeling a little better.  At least I was well enough to carry on with the plans!  To make a long story short, the Lord had His of blessing on us the entire time... despite my burning throat, I was able to sing and make it through the concert and even attend the wedding the next day!  Praise the Lord!  (Yes, after those two days of pushing my voice, I did lose it for the next few days.)

Oh, and there is a perk about being sick while on the road: no one wants to sit by you because you're contagious, so you get the whole back bench in the van all to yourself.  Stretch out on that (well, it probably depends on your size... but for me it works great!) and you'll be asleep with no cramps or craned necks!  And when you get to the hotel room, you'll be quarantined to a sectioned off room with a huge queen-sized bed just for you!  Wow.  That bed was so big I was kinda lost in it.

But just so you know, it really fun to be sick on the road, so try to stay healthy.

 The Scottish Laddie!

 Little siblings.  :)

 One Accord and their little sister, Bethany.
(Just kidding!)

If you want to watch the videos from the concert, click here.

Madi and her dad.

 Down the aisle!

The wedding party.

Madi and David.

And Mr. and Mrs. H!

These little ones were having some fun!


Judah's pose here cracks me up.  ;)

A very happy and lovely couple.

Yes.  I photobombed their wedding!

Group picture with the bride and groom!

Eden and Madi's sister, Grace.  She is so cute!

Just having some fun...!

(Thanks to Evan S. for taking some of the wedding pictures!)

I was so blessed to be able to attend their wedding!  Madi is a very dear friend and it has been exciting watching her story unfold.  May the Lord richly bless them both as they seek to follow and glorify Him through their lives!

Heading home after a full, blessed, and wonderful weekend!  Praise the Lord!
And kudos to my dad for driving and making this all happen.  :)


Rebekah Eddy said...

...And I saw you there!! :) It was fun meeting you at last Bethany! :D
Did you know that you got some pictures of MY Dad ( and also my sister Margaret's head... :P) on your blog! He was the one who officiated Madi and David's wedding.

Bethany said...

Yes! I really enjoyed meeting you (and your sisters!) in person as well. :)

Ha ha! Yes, I knew that was your dad. :) And Margaret (and even Sarah) managed to squeeze in that one picture. Fun times!!!