Monday, February 3, 2014

Just For Fun: Friend for Life

So there is this person I know and I have known them all my life.

And yeah, actually it's Moi.

So that's what I looked like as a baby!  Hm, I haven't changed a bit.  Okay, so maybe I have a little more hair now...

And on a completely different note, want to be let in on a little secret?!

Alright, hang onto your seat!

 I am officially announcing World Changing Production's newest short film, "I Named You Hope"!!!  I wrote the script and am finalizing those details, we need to put everyone to parts, and set a time to get that camera rolling!  I'm not going to give away anymore secrets than these two:
1) This will be a dramatic movie.  That is something we have wanted to do for quite a while and I'm glad we now are finally putting the thought into action! 
2) This song will feature a special original song that Jordan and I are writing.
So there you have it!  Am I excited?
No, I am thrilled to be directing and acting in another movie my siblings and I are putting together! 

Wrapping up at midnight from our last movie.  Gotta love late nights!

(If this post was rather random and here, there, and everywhere, it's because I just happen to be exhausted tonight.)


Jordan Strang said...

And then you have me... Working... NAY SLAVING away sketching out bass parts and cello parts, and synth parts and piano parts and cymbal parts and....... Probably some other parts that I don't remember...... On a little keyboard. It's torture really...


But now that you've posted about it, apparently, I have some songwriting to get done! Got to add that extra touch we talked about! ;)

Elanee said...

Sounds exciting Bethany:) I'll be prayin for all the datails to be worked out, and for God to be glorified through it all.

Bethany said...

Jordan: So what! I've been slaving away on writing parts and planning shoots. :P

Elanee: Thank you so much!