Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Celtic Concerto

In December, I made a special memory of performing the Celtic Concerto with a group of wonderful musicians.  My friend, Janna Bisceglia, had always wanted to play this piece for one of their Whispering Roses Concert.  I was elated when she asked me to play violin in the ensemble!  The Celtic Concerto is such a beautiful piece that is built off of Celtic tunes; with different moods and movements, it was a blast to perform!

 Whispering Roses opened up the first half of the concert with Celtic Christmas music.
(Isn't this chapel gorgeous?)

 Rehearsing the String Quartet.
As if the Celtic Concerto wasn't exciting enough, I was so delighted when they said that they wanted to feature the String Quartet.  I love string quartets and it has always been my dream to play in one!  In fact, I was inspired years ago when I saw a sibling group play as a string quartet and I thought that was so neat that I prayed that the Lord would bless my siblings with a string quartet one day.  Well, God did indeed bless us with a quartet; it's just not a string quartet!  But that is totally fine because I know that what the Lord has given to my siblings and I has far exceeded my expectations!  I wouldn't trade the mixed quartet we have!  (Well, maybe we could add a cello... and a mandolin... and a cajon... ;) )

Playing with these girls--Kathrina, Ashley, and Maren--was so much fun!  I told them that we need to do this again.

Playing the Celtic Concerto.

Our harpist Janna, playing some of her solos.

 Apparently violinists move around way too much to get a clear picture...

The other side of things...
Ross, our saxophone player, somehow eluded the camera...

 The whole ensemble!

All the performers from the concert.

(Thanks to the Bisceglias for some of the pictures.)

Jordan took some videos for me, so I have a little snippet of the concert to share!
The String Quartet.

Excerpts from the Celtic Concert.

And so... I am blessed to have been able to play and am thankful to the Lord for this opportunity!
When are we going to do this again?!

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Elanee said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures Bethany:) it looks like it was a wonderful concert. I'm so glad God gave you the opportunity to share your musical talent!