Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Awkward: 101 DTID--Straight A Student

When it comes to any type of class, conference, or concert, I prefer to sit in the front row.


Why?  Well, mainly because my twin sister (the one that wears glasses) doesn't like to be out in the open (if you have seen her, you have my permission to feel special!) and partially because there are less distractions when you are up close (maybe not everyone understands how frustrating it is to be stuck behind someone's tall head).  I once heard someone say, "Straight A Students sit in the front!"  Not like I'm a Straight A Student (well, I guess it depends on what I'm studying), but it works really well to say that when I'm trying to persuade someone to sit in the front with me! 
At one conference we attended, I found that the room the speakers held their session in was packed!  It was so tight in there that standing room only was left.  The workshop was excellent, but the room was rather stuffy and tight.  And we were sitting in the back.

After the session I got to thinking... there must be a way to get into that session and find seats in the front row... hm....  Suddenly I brilliant idea popped into my head!  When we had left the room, we went out the front of the room (where the speakers had their podium) and through a door that led to a stairway.  Since the room was long and narrow, people probably would be coming in at the back of the room.  Not wanting to walk all the way up the aisle to keep from being a distraction, seats would most likely be open at the front of the room.  And that is where I found the perfect loophole (by the way, I love finding loopholes).  My sisters and I would come up the stairs into the front of the room and quietly find a seat because there would certainly be some open ones in the first few rows that no one wanted to come all the way from behind to nab!

Somehow I manged to convince my sisters that my plan was perfect, my idea would work, and we would have stellar seats.

Unfortunately we were slightly late in coming to the session, but that shouldn't interfere with my strategy.  Finding the back stairway, we climbed the flight and approached the door.  Carefully opening it up I pushed it open to see...
...a jam-packed audience.

 And no seats in sight.

So what did we do?

Oh, we just walked all the way down the aisle to the back of the room, pretending like nothing was wrong and that we always entered sessions through the back door.
(Yeah.  Definitely pretending.)

I avoided any eye contact!

 Well, no worries... I mean, I'm sure my next idea of how to get front row seats will work out.  Better luck next time, right?!

 (And now that I shared this story, I'm certain no one will want to sit with me again, despite the fact that I'll try to convince them with that Straight A Student quote!  Well, maybe that's because I just proved that I'm not one...)


Dolly Madison said...

And this, my friends, is why I love back row seats.

Bethany said...

Hey, what's wrong with living an extremely exciting life? :D :P

RE Parker said...

Oh dear! I think I'd have been red--though I don't really see why. :D

I certainly do understand about trying to see through (or around) people's heads. Been a problem all my life. ;)

Bethany said...

Ha ha! Oh, I'm so glad someone understands my dilemma. ;) You know what they say: "desperate people do desperate things".

(Hopefully that is a good enough excuse...)

Paul Leavitt said...

Oops. Sometimes it seems like even the most clever plan wasn't so clever in hindsight. :/

Hannah King said...

Have you ever tried finding a seat in a place not intended for people to sit? I usually look for the oddest place to sit (in the back, mostly, because that's where those places typically are) and sit cross-legged on a windowsill, on the floor behind a pillar, under... something... or anywhere like that, and then put on my most mysterious, contemplative expression and what people look like I'm insane and unstable. =) Works best if you're wearing dark clothes, and is SOO much fun during a boring lecture. =D

Bethany said...

Paul: Now that I know what plan isn't so clever, so I can move onto the next one... ;)

Hannah: Oh, did you just give me more fun ideas to try! :D Ha ha!

Kyle Bowes said...

"maybe not everyone understands how frustrating it is to be stuck behind someone's tall head."

You do realize you just conceded another advantage to being tall. Mainly, that we tall folk don't have to worry about finding a front row seat (and getting in these embarrassing situations), because we can see over everybody anyway! :0P Am I right?

Bethany said...

Kyle: Actually no. You may have an advantage, but we short people use our heads and think... and scheme... and plan... and that makes us very tricky people. ;) You should be careful around us.

Elanee said...

I'm sure I enjoy all kinds of adventure, and I had noticed your desire to sit towards the front in most audiences, but I hadn't contemplated the reason until now. So thank you for enlightening me. I think I'll join you in the front row, (even though my twin sister is already seen most of he time.) and hope I don't upset the normal sized people behind me:) Maybe all us giants should sit in the front of the room, so the speaker can't see everyone who's sleeping in back:) j/k

Bethany said...

Elanee: Yep, now you know! Ha ha! Yes, that would be a great idea. :D

Kyle Bowes said...

Yeah, I'll be careful around you guys . . . Careful not to accidently step on you, at least!

(Please note that this is nothing more than a friendly jab. I do have a healthy respect for short people, and think you guys come up with some bright ideas. Occasionally.);0)

Bethany said...

Oh, yes, I know it's all in fun. :)

Just remember what Shakespeare said: "And though she be but little, she is fierce."

Sleep well tonight! :P

Kyle Bowes said...

If your last exclamation was an indirect jab at my habitual early bedtime, I also have a quote to share:

"Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man (or woman, however short) healthy, wealthy, and wise!" - Ben Franklin

I promise that will be my last sarcastic comment. On this post, at least. ;0)

Christianna Hellwig said...

Though I am not short, being a woman does give me some trouble seeing over the heads of tall men. However, nothing could induce me to sit in the front row even if it were totally empty! I admire the people who have the nerve, but I would rather sit in the very, very, back even if I have to crane my neck to see anything!
We need people like you, Bethany, to fill up the front row! :)

Bethany said...

Kyle: Ha ha! No, actually wasn't making a jab at your sleeping schedule. :) However, I don't think Mr. Franklin would appreciate you adding to his words. I mean, I shudder to think what he would do to you if he were reading this post... ;)

Christianna: LOL! Well, thanks for the encouragement! :D