Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weather or Not

This week has had (and is having) temperatures in the 20's, teens, and single digits.  For a girl who is a Californian at heart (my birthplace), this weather is just plain uncomfortable!  I don't like that bone chilling cold!  Not to mention all the random "attractions" that comes with it: bulky jackets, frozen water, razor-sharp wind... And I even found that it is extremely difficult to eat horseradish with chapped skin.  I will leave those details up to your sparking imaginations...  ;)
As usual, when the weather goes wrong, some sort of problem comes up.  This time around we are battling goat problems.

Our mother goat is a rather picky eater and because of that, she is rather skinny.  Wanting to insure her safety, I found myself outside with my siblings at 1:45am this morning in 9 degrees.  All of us were chilled to the bone, but I'm glad we were all out there together because it made the experience so much more workable.  Although I think the time of night/morning and the temperature took its toll on all of us:

Shiloh: Bedding down the hay instead of the goat.
Me: Singing Steven Curtis Chapman's "Live Out Loud" with a dance routine.  And I almost let the goat out of the pen...
Jordan: Telling everyone how he forgot to put a pair of gloves on and that he would like to buy a scarf right about now...
Eden: I don't know?  What was Eden doing that entire time?!  She was holding the flashlights and almost let the goat eat a plastic bag!

After coming back in the house at 2:00am, Jordan and I decided we needed a late-night snack.  That's when we started singing "I have Confidence" from "The Sound of Music".
"...Strength lies in nights of peaceful slumber..."

But the goat problems didn't stop and this evening found Shiloh, Jordan, and I chasing after the new buck we just got.  That animal!  We went round and round trying to catch, corner, and chase that goat into submission.  Nothing worked.  I literally climbed over three fences in the dark, all the while getting so hot with all my protective layers on that I contemplated continuing the chase with only my sweater (I tend to run a higher blood temperature than the average person--or something like that).  Finally we succeeded in pinning that animal in a corner and the three of us advanced slowly to pounce on our prey.  The 12 inch horns glinted in the flashlight's beam and I suddenly remember the time one of our former bucks had used those on my arm.  Not fun.  Although this buck is much smaller than that guy, I told my siblings that I was not going to lose an eye over him...  It took a few tries, but finally I dove forward and grabbed both those horns with my hands, while my siblings pinned him to the wall.

After my fingers had thawed out, I returned to my interrupted violin practice.  Within minutes into my piece, the door opened and my sister said, "Um, the goat jumped over the fence again."

No.  Period.


Elanee said...

Oh my.... I feel so sorry for you. Sounds like you had quite the night, I guess we got to bed about the same time, but thankfully I wasn't outside:) Your storytelling had me laughing, but i'm sure it wasn't that funny at the moment! I'm sure the singing kept you warmer, great thinking... I probably would have given up on the goat long before you all did:)Too bad you can't just tie it to the barn:)

I agree with you about the cold even though I'm not a Cali:)It would be bearable if there was snow.... But right now it's getting kind of impractical:)

Daniel F said...

HAHA! “No. Period.” That’s like right of the movie UP.

“Hi Mr. Frederickson!”
“What are you doing up here kid?!”
“I found the snipe and followed it under your porch. Only this snipe had a long tail and looked more like a large mouse....”
*flag gets ripped off Russell’s backpack by the wind*
*Russell gasps*
“Please let me in!”
*slams door*
“Oh alright you can come-“
*Russell rushes into the house*

Bethany said...

Elanee: I know! I have the thought of tying his legs together... but then... :P
I like snow (sometimes), but when it comes, we usually have issues with the power.

Daniel: Ha ha! I remember watching UP quite a few years ago. :D Squir1!

Madi said...

Haha!! Sorry for all you had to go through, but that was an awesome story! :P

Bethany said...

LOL! Awesome story indeed. Next time you'll have to join us. :P

Eden said...

Hey... Aren't you glad that the comedic relief team was there?! (Jordan and I...)

I really don't like icy cold weather...we are all certainly Cali's at heart. :D

Eden said...

Oh... And about the bag... I'm pretty sure it was frozen to my hand and he goat thought it looked good. Haha

Bethany said...

Eden: I take care of my own comic relief, thank you very much! :P I think your comedy just might be right up there with the Three Stooges! :P Just kidding. ;)

Jordan Strang said...

I had forgot about the "I have confidence"....! LOL fun times singing in the kitchen at 2:30 AM or something like that! :P I'm still upset about the director that cut that out... I mean, like my longtime fav song... just GONE! OK... it wasn't never THAT fav!

And like I said... It depends on the scarf.
Oh... and at least you weren't singing the Ma...... Oh never mind!!!!!!! (wasntme)

Elizabeth Lindsay said...

Hey Bethany! I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the "Sunshine Award" on my blog:
For His Glory,
Elizabeth Lindsay

Bethany said...

Thank you, Lindsey! I feel honored. :) I will check out those details!

Kyle Bowes said...

Haha! I have had many such experiences here at the Bowes funny farm. I try to stay away from the goats as much as possible, but I always seem to get dragged into some caper or another involving loose, cranky goats and sharp horns. :D

My friend Kyle M. and I (we are also known as Kyle 1# and 2#) once messed around with Lydia's (bloodthirsty) ram. We stood in the middle of the field and taunted the ram to charge us . . . and he took us up on that offer. Our taunts turned to humiliating high-pitched squeals of fear, and *someone* ended up with a nice lump to show for it. ;0)

Bethany said...

LOL! Well, I guess you got what you bargained for. ;) Perhaps you have a new found respect for rams???

At least you can sympathize... some people don't understand how frustrating those goats can be! :D

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Very funny story! I can SO relate... like Kyle said. :)Caroline and I just slept through the night for the first time in close to 3 weeks... from having an ailing pregnant doe, and then bottle babies after that! Is your doe eating better yet? Did you try Vit B complex injections? That may pick her up.

Daniel... you've got UP memorized too? You mean... my family isn't crazy? :)


Bethany said...

Hi Victoria! Good to hear from you. :) Wow, that sounds like a long three weeks! I'm sure you were happy to sleep. ;)
Yes, she is eating better. We separated her and are going to start her on alfalfa... Hm, I should see if we have any Vitamin B. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good, glad to hear she's doing better. :) The vit B will help her appetite. I get so nervous with pregnant does when they start getting picky. They can get Pregnancy Toxemia so easily, and quickly!

Take care!