Monday, November 18, 2013

10 Random Facts

I was "nominated" to write some random facts down about myself on my social networking site.  I decided to go ahead and post these facts here on my blog as well.  If you want to do the same, comment and let me know so I can read your list!

1) At 5lbs 6oz, I was the smallest baby in our family.  In fact, I was so little that when my mom carried me in a sling, people thought I was a broken arm.  (People are very sympathetic.)

2) I have a really good memory (disclaimer: I have trouble remembering names) and I can remember back since I was two.  I had tried to climb through the supports underneath the chair's seat and got so stuck I couldn't get out.  I can still visualize my dad pounding on the chair to try to loosen things up.

3) At one point in my life I wanted to play the flute.  (Me and a flute--or maybe a flute and I--either way, it just doesn't fit.)

4) I am daring.  Very daring.  Somehow I managed to escape needing stitches or having any major broken bones, despite the fact that my mom said that I would be the most susceptible because of my characteristics!

5) At about 7 or 8 I came up with the brilliant idea of trying to hold my breath for a whole minute.  By the time 55 seconds ticked around, I was about ready to pass out.   But I hung in there until the minute was up (seriously, I couldn't give up then!).  ;)

6) I was around 10 years old when I respectfully "debated" the next-door neighbor about Creationism vs. Evolutionism.  I was too young to take into consideration the fact that he was a Geologist and I might not have all the answers, but nevertheless I still talked with him and he left the conversations with seeds of doubt!

7) I almost drowned at one point in my life.  I fell into a rushing river and had my daddy not grabbed me as I was swept by (my head popped above the water for a split second), I don't think I would have survived.  Even though that happened, I still love swimming.

8) I love challenges.  For some reason, I usually give a shot at the difficult things first... just because... it's more fun, I guess.  ;)  When we were very young, we had a competition with our cousins to see who could hold their hand on the ice on the iceskating rink the longest.  Much to the chagrin of my older cousin (he was the oldest cousin and we always thought he could do the most craziest things) and the delight of his sister and mine, I held my hand on the ice longer than he could.

9) Something I always wanted to do is learn how to tap dance.  (You could see me doing that, right?)  One day I'll learn it... or maybe I'll learn Irish Stepdance with Hardshoe instead...

10) Having never practiced for a sprint in my life, my dad and I decided to informally race a sprint together.  My time was 16 seconds and his was 15.  Running is awesome!

Thinking back through all these memories makes me see how the Lord has always had His hand of blessing and protection upon me.  He continues to guide me a shield me as I walk through this life.  I also am reminded that life is short and it's what you do for Christ that really matters.  The waves of time will wash over my name in the sands of this life... never to be remembered again.  But what I did for the Kingdom of the Lord will never be forgotten.  Praise the Lord for the wonderful things He has done in my life!

"Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away."
James 4:14


Madi said...

*I* learned to tap dance when I was like 6. :P

Bethany said...

Oh please. And you also did Gymnastics (which I also always wanted to do)! :P

LOL! You could show me your fancy footwork so I could learn a thing or two... :D

The Bowes Family said...

Great list. :0)

I can relate to 6). I witnessed to my neighbor friend with a picture Bible when I was nine. :0)


The Bowes Family said...

Ahem, and as far as Gymnastics and tap dancing goes, I was forced to take ballet lessons with my sisters when I was six. :0/


Bethany said...

That's great! Very ambitious. ;)

Hey, that's not so bad... Jordan did ballet too and from what I hear, he is planning on taking from my mom again!

Kyle Bowes said...

Oops, tell Jordan I meant no offense! I have nothing against ballet.

(I must say, though, that I still shudder at the fact that I was the one boy in a group of little giggling girls wearing tu-tus) ;0D

Bethany said...

Ha ha! :D You were a loner in that respect... ;)